About the Artist

John Emery the photographer -

Turns out I'm not very good at writing these things; this must be my 20th attempt. It's possibly worse than writing a job cover letter.

I think I struggle so much because of why I enjoy photography in the first place - I go to places that are beautiful and I want to share it with others. No more, no less. I'm a very concrete person. Searching for tips on writing an "about the artist" section yields flowery phrases such as "my art transcends the depths of reality to expose the human condition within a landscape." Or something like that.

I choose to shoot landscapes because it gives me another reason to travel to interesting and, often, remote places that I might otherwise never venture to. Bringing home a set of photographs - whether or not they ever appear before the public eye - is a reward beyond words for me. I can always go back through my albums and relive those moments.

John Emery the not-photographer -

When I'm not out taking pictures or working on something photography-related (or spending money on photography-related things - aye), I enjoy reading (my favorite genre being tales of polar exploration - Endurance by Alfred Lansing is amazing), going to the gym, and trivia. I work professionally as a data analyst creating dashboards and other reports - even in an office environment with a quantitative job I have managed to find a way to use my creative juices.