Selfie - Great Sand Dunes National Park

Selfie - Great Sand Dunes National Park



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Prior to Thanksgiving, 2010 I had never left the Eastern Time Zone.

Two weeks before Thanksgiving I saw a movie, in which there was a scene set at the Grand Canyon. Sitting there in the movie theater I decided that I would go there, and less than two weeks later I found myself standing on the edge of the Grand Canyon.

All I had was a cheap point-and-shoot, and I clearly didn't have a clue how to use even the basic functions it provided.

Since that time I've been able to travel to 42 of the 50 states, 25 National Parks, and probably as many National Monuments. I've also significantly upgraded my camera equipment, probably spending far too much money in the process.

I am currently based out of Wausau, Wisconsin, where I am able to be on the shore of Lake Superior in just a few hours. I have recently entered my first art exhibition - Wausau's Center for Visual Arts' Midwestern Seasons - where I won best in show.

I prefer to focus on landscape photography and I have a spot in my heart set aside for abandoned homes, often standing alone in a field out in the plains.

If you wish to contact me, for print inquiries, commissions, or just to chat, my contact information can be found on this page, or use the Contact form provided.